From the village

Sustainable agriculture at scale


Sustainable agriculuture at scale. IoT for fields, gardens and greenhouses. Monitoring and control from the Cloud. A team of three young engineers, based in Varna, Bulgaria.


Our first product. Can automate windows, pumps, vents, watering systems, heating and others based on sensor readings.

  • based on ESP8266 with Arduino core
  • light sensor built in
  • up to 6 temperature sensors
  • up to 3 humidity sensors
  • up to 3 groups of loads (windows, pumps, vents, watering systems, heating and others)


Our devices water, heat, cool down etc. automatically. Rules are created and modified through the cloud. We provide manual remote control for when the unexpected happens.


During spring and fall seasons nights often need adaptive heating. In addition, Zelenik-1 displays in real time the situation in your greenhouse so you have the peace of mind that everything is going great.

In Action

Zelenik-1 is in charge of the watering system in an organic garden in Bliznatsi Village, Varna and windows and heating of a family greenhouse in Levski Village, Varna.

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